At WORK GLOB we play fair and we have clear rules of operation

We Poles know very well what it means to look for a job abroad, what it means to work and live in another country.

We have been working in Western Europe and the USA for many decades. Also today, Poles are leaders in temporary work in Europe and constitute the largest group of foreigners employed in Great Britain.

So we understand how difficult it is to decide to move to another country, often without knowledge of the language, without a guarantee of legal employment, without help in life matters. And that it is usually a necessity, but also an opportunity for entire families, for relatives who stay in the country


  • Production – manual workers, specialists;
  • Warehouses – warehouse workers, packers, loaders, confectioners, etc.
  • Agricultural enterprises – manual workers, specialists, sorters, fruit pickers, etc.


  • Recruitment in the employee’s native language by our bilingual team
  • Formal verification of the candidate in Poland and abroad
  • Meeting with the candidate in Ukraine and on Skype
  • Organization of the candidate’s arrival to Poland
  • Employment and start of work

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