Join our team

  • If you are looking for new challenges, you have ideas that you cannot implement in your current workplace, you think in business terms – through the prism of goals and results.
  • If you have experience in selling cross-border work services in Poland, you have contacts and are able to build relationships with Polish employers.
  • If recruiting foreign employees, servicing their stay in Poland and caring for them is an interesting development path for you.

We are committed to finding qualified employees, mainly specialists from Ukraine, with knowledge and skills from various industries. We employ Ukrainians to work in the construction, agro-horticulture, manufacturing, etc. sectors.

We are looking for motivated employees – specialists from Ukraine who have experience and ideas for their development and business development in the area of ​​cross-border employment.

Send your CV and cover letter to:
Work Glob Sp. z o.o.
1 Niedziałkowskiego street
61-578 Poznań,