Legal and long-term employment of workers from Eastern Europe

Working for people from Ukraine, Moldova and Asia in Poland means an improvement in the economic situation of their families and is an interesting life perspective for them. Polish employers can thus fill the staff shortages with motivated employees from abroad.

Effective recruitment of employees from abroad

Legalization of stay and work of foreigners

Maintaining the crew throughout the employment period

Staff substitutability

Employee zone

At WORK GLOB we play fair and we have clear rules of operation

We ensure transparency of the recruitment process, legalization of work and employment, as well as the payment of wages and salaries along with due taxes and social security.

W WORK GLOB gramy fair
i mamy jasne zasady działania

No recruitment fees

None of our employees and agents receives remuneration from the candidate for finding him a job or participating in recruitment.

No criminal record

Only unpunished candidates who provide us with a certificate of good conduct may participate in the recruitment process.


The candidates who best meet the requirements of professional experience have the best chances for a job.

Legal employment

On a mandate contract, a temporary employment contract and a fixed-term employment contract – depending on the type of work and its duration.


We also try to offer the best possible care to our residents during their stay in Poland and assistance in housing and living matters


We take care of a constant, monthly payment of salaries. We are in constant contact with employees and their employers.

Work Glob employment agency for foreigners

Are you looking for employees for your business? We will help you hire foreigners, we will professionally recruit individual candidates.


We deal with topics related to recruitment, searching for employment and creating a friendly workplace.

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