Recruitment of employees from Ukraine – why is it worth using it?

There is a shortage of labor in Poland. Many employers are unsuccessfully looking for new employees, struggling with staff shortages for many months. Unemployment is low, and the possibility of going abroad tempts many compatriots to take up employment outside their place of residence. If you urgently need new employees, check why hiring employees from Ukraine is becoming more and more popular.

Workers from Ukraine save the Polish economy

The main threat to the Polish economy is currently the shortage of workers. The retail industry has the biggest problems, mainly small shops, which can only offer not very high earnings. Employers are looking for hands to work in various ways, which is why recruiting reliable employees from Ukraine is gaining importance. Thanks to the Ukrainians, it is possible to fill thousands of positions throughout the country, both in small towns and in large cities.

The help of a certified employment agency in the selection of employees allows you to hire people who want to work in various industries. It is possible to attract from abroad not only unskilled manual workers, but also educated people who speak Polish and a foreign language well. Thanks to this, the Work Glob agency is able to help employers all over the country.

Author: Work Glob
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