Recruitment of employees from Ukraine – why is it worth using it?

There is a shortage of labor in Poland. Many employers are unsuccessfully looking for new employees, struggling with staff shortages for many months. Unemployment is low, and the possibility of going abroad tempts many compatriots to take up employment outside[…]

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Praca dla obcokrajowców w Polsce

Work for foreigners in Poland

Due to the fact that Polish entrepreneurs are more and more open to employing a foreigner, the more job offers for foreigners appear. Provision of documentation by the employer is no longer an elongated or complicated process, and many organizations[…]

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Co trzeba wiedzieć o pracy sezonowej?

What do you need to know about seasonal work?

What do you need to know about seasonal work? Seasonal work applies to selected industries: mainly related to business in the agro industry as well as tourism and hotel industry. Seasonal work is performed on the basis of the type[…]

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