What do you need to know about seasonal work?

Co trzeba wiedzieć o pracy sezonowej?

What do you need to know about seasonal work?

Seasonal work applies to selected industries: mainly related to business in the agro industry as well as tourism and hotel industry.

Seasonal work is performed on the basis of the type S permit issued by the competent PUP for a maximum of 9 months a year.

The seasonal worker works for a certain part of the year, and the work he does is temporary and transitional.

Seasonal work can be performed while being insured with KRUS, and not with ZUS, if the seasonal worker works for a farm-agricultural producer – for example, “Jan Kowalski farm – growing strawberries, blueberries and raspberries”. Then Jak Kowalski insures seasonal workers with KRUS.

Seasonal workers are most often in demand during the summer, in industries such as:

  • Agriculture: harvesting vegetables and fruits
  • Hospitality: hotels, campsites, holiday resorts
  • Gastronomy: restaurants, bars, cafes

Seasonal work in Poland for Ukrainians, Belarusians, Russians, Moldovans, Georgians and Armenians gives them many opportunities and benefits. This is a solution for people who are still learning or just want to earn some extra money. Seasonal work in Poland lasts 9 months, so longer than work based on a declaration of entrusting work – 6 months.

This allows you to obtain a visa for 9 months and return to this seasonal job in the next season and calendar year.

Seasonal work is well-paid, usually billed on a piece-by-piece basis, and does not have a full-year contract.

Author: Work Glob
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